Monday, June 28, 2010

4 Packs Of Pepsi And 2 Bags Of Ruffles $6.99! YMMV!

4 packs Pepsi 

2 bags of ruffles
= $6.99

Publix Deal Breakdown:$10.98 4 12-packs of Pepsi (B3G1 @ $3.66 each)
$3.99 2 bags of Ruffles (B1G1 this week @ $3.99)
- 7.98 2 Publix Q’s: “Free Ruffles wyb 2 -12 packs” – In the All Americans Savings Flyerin stores*
Makes it $6.99 for four Pepsi 12 packs and 2 bags of chips!

My total came to $8.23 after tax

It would have been more but I had to ask the women to put in the full amount of the publix coupons because the Ruffles are half price, she wasn't thrilled about it but I guess she did not want to put back my order even less.


Melissa said...

Not bad for all that.

Is there no overage stuff left at any of your stores so you could get it even cheaper?

Two bottles of Vitamin D (if any are to be had a this point) would have taken off another $2.00.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Im hoping to go again I did not know about the vitamins (Thanks) and all the other overage stuff either wasnt their or not as good a deal. (priced higher)I live in the land of 9.75 sales tax so some things just are not as good that and im lazy!