Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yard Sale Finds!

Got this at a "kid sale" The kid was selling his toys for a upcoming trip to Florida. I asked if we (me and my 2 boys) could go, the little boy was like ya! The father said whatever the kid says, they make all the decisions around here anyway. LOL I think I may have missed out on a free trip to FL.

Still at the kid sale, my boys where all over that kids toys!
Remote control R2 d2 and some kinda trooper.

Last of the kid sale, I wanted to go back after I left and get more cheap star wars toys but I had to pick up my husband and he was not happy I got the boys all those toys (they were not on their best behavior) And did not want me going back.


Not to much to say it was a sale.

Same sale. Any Ideas? I'm thinking lemons? Maybe?

The (.75¢) angel lights up Cant wait till Christmas.
also got the 2 candles for my holders 25¢ each.

My husband  is really into movies he wants to own them I dont get that he wont watch a movie twice unless its Talladega nights (he's watched 50 time) oh well he dont ask for much.


The Thriftress said...

My son would LOVE those Star Wars toys!

Cheap&Sweet said...

I know my sons are so into Star Wars I really feel Like their is no point in buying another brand of toy in the action figure category.

Thanks for stopping buy! Im mean by.