Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Think!

I was over at the Prudent Patron She said she had the worst Publix trip ever. After leaving a two page comment I thought I have enough to say about this topic for a blog post. So here it is..

You may remember a post Long ago about a bad publix experience I had long story short, this cashier read every coupon I had for at least a hole minute each coupon not once but twice then after he finally scanned everything he then went over the coupons a third time. I was so mad steam was coming out of my ears im sure. Then he would not give me my receipt when it printed, as he went back and checked my coupons to my receipt a forth and final time. Never once in the 30 minutes it took to check out did he find one problem. It took me twice as long to check out as it did to shop. His attitude was ugly to say the least. I left that store that day swearing up a blue streak vowing to never go threw his line again. And I never did I had to check out in the express lane and the service desk a few times but I never went back. When asked why I told them.

Vowing never to go back to his lane was about the only thing I did right that day. Id never thought that could happen, never imagined what I would do in such a situation. But now that it has happened and Ive thought long and hard about what to do when things are not going the way I think they should, im now better prepared.

So If im at that point that I think things should be going better than they are, I now wont let it get that out of hand. The first thing I do is tell them straight up that I want a manger and then tell them why. As soon as the manger gets their Ill tell him the situation and ask if he could finish checking me out.

Always no matter how big a hurry your in check your receipt BEFORE you leave. Yes pull that buggy over and check it right their I like to do it by the front desk or were the buggy's are.

Their is no reason someone should treat you badly because you use coupons period. Ill never let it get that out of hand again, I cant tell anyone what to do but I can say if it dont feel right do something to make it better no one else is going to do anything unless you stand up for yourself .

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