Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yard Sale Finds! With my very first video!

Oh what a great yard sale this was, the green bowl was actually free I said .25¢ in the video but my total came to $4.25 and she said just give me $4, and of course I was like score. I don't know if you can tell but these bowls are really good quality. Something my bowls @ home lack.
The game was $1 
3 small bowls $1 
Basket $1
Vase .50¢
cutting board .50¢

candle .10¢
cards .10¢
monogrammed stopper .50¢ 
Yes its my initial!  

I really like stuff like this not so sure what its called but its one of those things that moves toward your finger.

Wow I love finding my kids star war stuff at yard sales because I had been buying it at the store never again will I do that.

I know I said but their is no .com just I was nervous and felt a little silly! lol
But I think I did real good for my first try and one take.


Beth said...

Good job on your first video! Now I know what you sound about posting a picture of yourself so I know what you look like?!

Cheap&Sweet said...

hit up my twitter my whole wall is my pic over and over!