Friday, July 2, 2010

It might be safe to say I'm back in the saddle! Publix trip!

They were out of mayo! I was disappointed.
I did not think it would be that much for some reason actually it was $21.88 with tax, he forgot a $1 off coupon so I paid $18.93 + Tax. 

I still did ok, the carvel Ice cream cakes ($3 EACH after Q) where my favorite buy, my husband was really happy. We needed batteries ($1.39 after Q) and they had the coupon books with the $2 off coupon! At my store the Chinet napkins where BOGO so .07¢ each. Chicken with flip Q was only $1.17 Capri sun was .67¢. I know its .07¢ at food lion but im trying to get a huge stockpile of these. Ice was full price $1.69 also got a 20z coke $1.39.

It Just dawned on me the batteries wasn't that great a deal, but we needed them.

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Saving A Bundle said...

I'm always stocking up on Capri Suns too! Good work and thanks for linking!