Saturday, July 3, 2010

More yard Sale finds! Get Noticed Link Up Your Blog!

My very first find! It has a little character as I like to say, about 4ft long.

$1 each
Anybody besides me get super excited when they find shoes for their kids at yard sales? These are play shoes but still 2 less $50 pair of shoes I have to buy. Score!

R2D2 potato  head! (About $15 @ amozon)

My 7 yearold is always cold hes the only skinny mini in the house, so I have been looking for one of these.

I made him try on this shirt he can where it to church tomorrow. (after I wash it.)

.50¢ each
I said I was done buying clothes but my oldest is about to go up another size! And this was a great price!

.50¢ each
one tony hawk shirt still has a $24 tag!

One less jacket ill have to buy!
Thats not my foot!

So did you have any good finds or deals this week?

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