Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got something to blog about! .

Do you know what this big mess means? I bought coupons! I cant even remember the last time I bought coupons but it has been months and months.

I wanted to get some coupons but thought Id have to wait till tomorrow when the are $1 at Kroger, but as luck would have it I found myself in the Dollar Tree this morning and they had papers! I could not believe it I have heard that some ppl get their papers their for a buck but I never thought that mine would have them.

So I got 5 paper came home and clipped and filed every one of them. Now normaly I would not clip them but I want to step my couponing up. I'm tired of paying so much for everything and with hubby laid off for the 2 time in as many months I need to get my booty in gear.

 All I have to say is thank gosh for friends Like Melissa @ The Great Shopping Game! She puts all her shops up and then explaines how she did it.

Up next what did I get with my new coupons for free at CVS!

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