Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guess who Is Not a Happy Camper?

He hates putting stuff together! lol

Can you guess what all that metal is?
Yep its a bunk bed!
Well me and my once again laid off hubby was sitting around Friday morning and he said too bad its so cold we cant go yard-sale-ing. I totally had spaced on going. I was like get ready lets go find some! So we  hit our first sale and it ended up being our last. It was a carport sale and it hardly had anything, so when we were leaving  I noticed these bunk beds and asked how much? She said $25 I was like score!

The best part is we came home and sold the kids beds and made a lil profit for the day!


Melissa said...

Wow, that totally worked out great.

LOL, I sympathize with your hubby, I hate putting stuff together too.
Luckily my ol' man don't mind doing stuff like that.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ta he is girlie Like that. haha JK! I have been wanting bunk beds forever so glad we got them!