Monday, October 25, 2010

Make It Happen Monday!!

I'm super-duper (ewper?) existed about my to do list! NOT! If anything and I mean anything gets done on my to do list today it will be a miracle in the making. So Ill just make a list for this week and not just today. I think I may be in a state of shock over the past few weeks, ok ok months events not that I am complaining but for real how much shit can happen in 2 months time?

Good Karma come home to momma! Its bound to happen soon or later right? Right? I think I need to try harder to make that happen not that you can really make those kind of things happen but hell its worth a shot right? I mean its not like its going to hurt to try and be extra nice, good, giving, or anything like that. 

OK OK To Do List.

*5  10 minute clean on my living room (the laundry tornado has struck!)

* Try to find more hangers? Surely we have more than the thousand I found over the weekend that I used to hang up all but 4 loads of clothes. (How the hell do you find 4 loads worth of hangers? I have no Idea.)

* Finish  washing the 4 loads even though I have no way to put them up. (BTW I cleaned out all the closets is why I have no hangers, I hung it all up.)

*Mop kitchen and scrub bathroom floors.

* Give the puppy a bath and clean his taxi because they both smell like dog! 

*Clean kids room for the millionth time!

Ok thats it for now go check out


Ammie @ said...

You are SUPER ambitious! Thanks for linking up! Awesome list. I especially like the scrubbing part.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ya my house is really clean from a huge scrub down all last week and weekend. I was thinking by the end of the week Ill have a huge list!

Melissa said...

What's happened? Nothing very bad, I hope :-(
Email me if you want.

When I get more clothes than hangers, I know it's time to weed out some clothes and get rid of 'em.