Saturday, November 6, 2010

I So Misssed Using Coupons Like This!

I'm so sorry this picture is sideways I turned it but when it uploaded it was back!

What a mess! I uploaded coupons to my Kroger plus card then used my husbands card lol that wasn't a problem till I threw the receipt away, and my son took out the trash. I almost went to look for it but my husband let me know he dumped spaghetti in the garbage before it went out so I chopped it up to a lost cause and went back and bought most things again!

Not pictured is a bag of dog chow was $11.99 on sale @ food Lion 8.99 - $2 off Ip = $6.99

I spent about $10 on both Kroger trips it was $3.57 more but the kids oralB tooth paste had a 10 for $10 sign but rang up full price. The lady kept my receipt so I'm not sure of the exact price of my trips.

The best deal was the Charmin $5.99-$3 e coupon and $1 mailer =$2

I also bought 2 trail size($1.59 each) secret and got 2 olay body wash and one old spice spray free!

used the BOGO Right Gard coupon to pay .50¢ each

One dawn was .57¢ after coupon the other was just .07¢ after coupon and e coupon.

Toothpaste was of course free after $1 coupon, Crest was $1 at Food lion and Colgate was $1 at Kroger

Sundown bogo -$2.50 e coupon and $1 off paper coupon = Free

Paper towels $1.09 each minus $1 off 2 = $1.18 for both

I'm hoping my next coupon trips wont be so durn confusing.


Melissa said...

Welcome back to the game! lol

If you go to Food Lion or Kroger, be sure to look for the $1.00 off blinkie and/or tearpad for the Garden Delight Ronzoni pasta.
Ten boxes of the pasta earns $2.10 overage with the Mega sale at Kroger.

Cheap&Sweet said...

I got a bunch of those they just kept shooting out before I could walk away! never had them spent out like that before!

gaynycdad said...

Thanks for following, I returned the favor. I took the spouse and son and left them at my mother-in-laws as i need to clean out, donate to the mother-in-law, and then hide all my shopping! I am addicted to savings!