Monday, November 8, 2010

Make It Happen Monday!! Lots To Do!

Lets Just get to it!
* Pray (I have lots to pray about)
* Black Shelves all 4
* 3min clean on my living room (all it really needs)
* vacuum everything!
* Clean all carpets!
* Clean boys room so I can clean the carpet
* Sweep bath and kitchen
* Scrub down kitchen floor with comet! 
* make hubby clean his room so I can clean the carpet
* Go to the recycling bin
* List stuff on craigslist and eBay!
* Make a Dr apt for me and a dentist apt for the boys
* 3 loads of laundry
* Blog about my Kroger and cvs visits, and getting coupons

Thats it! If I have a ! sign Means I am super existed to do it!

Ok in my excitement to get started I forgot to put that I was linking up @

Also I need to add a few things
* Scrub the bathtub (I just noticed a funk ring under hubby's body wash eww)
* Make this awesome looking casserole, beefy nacho casserole 
* Bake something from scratch either rolls or cinnamon rolls
* Paint Letter M I found at a yard sale
* Find a place to put it
* Blog about it!

I'm just in one of those productive moods today!


Ammie @ domesticallyobsessedcom said...

What an awesome and detailed list! Thanks so much for linking up! I also have to do some laundry but forgot to put it on my list! Good reminder!

Joan J said...

Wow - clean your kitchen floor with Comet? Just curious, but have you ever tried using a bit of ammonia in a bucket of warm water? It REALLY gets the grime and residues off, but without all the major rinsing Comet will need. For regular floor washing, I use just a tablespoon of ammonia in a gallon of warm water. Don't use too much or the smell will clear the house out!

Cheap&Sweet said...

@Joan I mop my floor all the time but every once in a while I Just want to scrub the shit out of it!lol Thank gosh its a tiny apartment kitchen!

@ammie I thought you'd like this weeks list a lot better!