Monday, February 14, 2011

How I Stock up on meat!

This my friends is 17 of the 19  packs of (3 pound )lean ground turkey I bought at my discount grocery store.
The deal $4.99 a pack I saw that today was the expiration date and ask for a discount. What I got was half off! That $2.50 a pack! 

19 x 3lbs = 57 pounds!
19 x $2.50 = $47.50
 3lbs = up to 6 meals!
If I really stretch this out at half a pound per meal I can have 114 meals!
Stretching lean ground turkey Is not hard to do, Chili, tacos, hamburger helper, spaghetti, I could go on and on!

But what a huge stockpile of meat this makes me feel awesome! With moving and not having a well stocked -stockpile. I feel like this was an awesome deal. I have been trying to get my stockpile back as quick as possible. I feel like Their is a really good chance the economy might crash and I want my family to be prepared. i hope what im feeling wont happen but I have been hearing around the web that it could happen and ppl are stocking up now. So that make me think im behind so I wanna get everything I can. 

What do you think about the economy? Are you preparing just encase?  

Oh btw I was cleaning out my freezer is this is another picture.

Have fun shopping!


Melissa said...

Man, I so need a good meat sale.
I really need lotsa good overage at Publix or somewhere so I can get it free.

Not too sure about ground Turkey. I had those Jenny-O turkey burgers once, and some turkey bacon and didn't like them a'tall.

PS, I think if the economy was going to crash it already would have by now.
But then again, who knows what's going to happen come next November?

Barb said...

I'm not sure about the economy. But I do know (if I'm to believe the WSJ) that global food prices are going insane). It's getting harder to find good meat deals and if my family would actually eat the ground turkey without griping, I would stock up too! (I can actually get them to eat Morningstar crumbles).

I think it's a good idea to stock up on items that could potentially be so expensive that we just can't afford them anymore (coffee, chocolate, etc). These are also good items for barter if you don't like/use them. And there always is the danger of gas getting so expensive people must use their grocery budget to make up the difference--which is one reason I don't try to lower our grocery budget to ridiculous levels and then get used to it.

Ashley @ Carolina Couponer said...

wow! great job :)