Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13 Rite Aid, CVS, and Family Dollar!

First I hit up Kroger for six .99c newspaper saved .76each on sale!

Next was family Dollar to use my gain coupons 
6 boxes Gain sheets 60ct $3-$3Q= free
I gave one to the lady checking me out she was floored!

Rite Aid 
 2 soft white bulbs @ $2.99 each
got $4 in ups back Made it 99c each!
2 Colgate Total @ $3.50 each -.75Q= $2.75
got $7 ups = Free+

used $11 in Ups and .48c
got back $11 ups and another 
$20 ups for hitting the $100 winter reward!

2 Colgate @ $3.79 -.75Q = $3.04 x2
Got back $7.58 ECB's 
$1.50 profit!
6 Xtra laundry detergent @ $1.88 each
used $1 coupon I found at Family Dollar =.88c
used my ECB's so just paid tax!

I consider this a awesome trip!

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