Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow Cant Believe My Good Luck On Craigslist!

In the past two weeks I have been hitting up Craigslist like crazy! At first I was looking for a TV and we found a $200 52inch TV delivered! Then  I was looking for king size box springs. I have a 8 inch memory foam mattress but I felt my bed needed box spring that I was told when I ordered it that it would not need. So I found a mattress and box springs for $20!!!

 I thought know way can a $20 mattress be in any kind of good condition but I was wrong it was in awesome condition so I threw both on my bed and put my foam on top and now I have to climb!. Every cents I was a child I wanted a high bed because I remember climbing  up on my grandparents bed it was so huge it just brings back fond memory's.

 Next on my wanted list was a Xbox 360. Well tonight we found a great deal for a PS3 and Wii for only $260 that is a great deal but it also came with a ton of extras and they were both almost brand new! Not to mention the couple hundred dollars worth of games!!!!!! I'm so excited.

 But the best part, what I almost always look for when I buy something is the resale value!!!!! we could play with these and at anytime we get board or what ever, we can always make our money back and more!!!

While i'm not 100% comfortable spending this kind of cash, I know ill be able to liquidated it (lord willing) thanks to places like eBay and Craigslist if the need ever arose. Their is also another plus side to all this big spending, I am buckling down on all spending after spending that much money.

Really I don't want to spend a dime! You can catch me counting pennies for the next few weeks! lol
To make up for our splurging  I am going to try and sell a few things we no longer use around the house. I have a few things in mind that hopefully will bring in $100. We will see how that go's.

Update on the cord for my pictures still lost but I bought a new one just hope its the right one!

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