Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spending or Saving?

I always ask myself this question, Am I Spending Or Saving?  I think it is a fine line and I cross it often.

Lets look at a few of my buys that I have sold for a profit Lately!

Kitchen Radio $5 sold for $30

Lots of .25-.50 clothes
 Selling these between $7 and $12 on eBay!

Coach duffel $7 sold $20!

TV for computer $1 sold $15

Freezer $75 used 3 1/2 years sold $80 SCORE!

Never could get a good picture but
 I bought this watch brand new for $5
Sold for $75!

I also had a Yard sale for a few hours and made about
 $100 on random coupon stuff Nobody bought any of my other junk
I think I sold on shirt for a quarter. Needless to say we packed up early. 


Melissa said...

You do so good at that.

I didn't find any good re-sell type items at the yard sale(s) we went to this weekend.

And, I've been working on cleaning out some stuff from my house, and everything I check on ebay to see if anyone would be interested in buying, 0 Bids on everything.

I listed some things on Craigslist, too, and not a bit of interest.

I remember back when you could sell pretty much anything on ebay, and me and my sister would g yard-saleing about every Friday. I sure do miss those days sometimes.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ya I hope I keep getting lucky on the eBay thing it is helping me out a lot these days!

starbucksgirl said...

Looks like you're doing pretty well to me. Excellent work on having a good eye for items that will sell well. I used to buy stuff at garage sales and then re-sell the items on ebay. I once purchased a bunch of clothing from a woman; they were all high-end business suits from NY. I paid $5 for each of them and sold them for $80 a piece. That was super fun. I also used to purchase items off of ebay and then repost the items and make a profit (mainly folks that had taken horrible pictures of their items or the items were marketed terribly). I made a nice little profit and it was fun. :) Keep up the good work!