Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yard Sale Finds!

I had an awesome weekend of yard saling! I found lots of thing to resale! My best resale find was two huge garbage bags of maternity clothing 95% of these were name brand Motherhood.

AT LEST 60 Pieces!
This is high end nice stuff I found it in a lil old lady's yard sale in two garbage bags. She wanted .50c apiece, as the rain was almost on us I ask for a price for all of it she said $4 and I said sold! Their are about 8 pieces that were rinkled that did not make it into the pic.
She also sold me this for $1! 
It works! Hope a craigslister will want it!

Makes my $3 brand new crocks sound like not such a great deal.
But they are selling on eBay for $20-$30 bucks!

This was pretty cute for $2!
I also fond a children's lion costume to sell for .75c
And a few book too.

Cant wait for next weekend!


pamela r said...

very nice finds!

I like the crocs---LIVE in them myself!!! =)

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Cheap&Sweet said...

Thanks for following!