Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Item Has Sold!

Remember this "Huge" pile of maternity clothes I got for $4 at a yard sale?
I made a profit on the first item I sold! Well I have sold about 20 more pieces and still going strong!

 My $2 Crocs NWT
Sold for $17!

My $2 Tommy Soap Dish set
Sold for $19.99
My $1 Fossil flask
Sold for $14!

My husbands yard sale for eBay find $1
Sold for $8 :-(

Why so sad? Im sure I came out almost even after cost.

I made $249.39!

My fees the last 10 days are
* $64.24 Shipping
*$30.xx eBay fees
*$11.79 PayPal fees
$106 in cost :-(
Cost of Items...


Anonymous said...

I had the same experience as you with ebay. A couple summers ago, I started selling clothing/shoes that I'd picked up at yard sales and thrift stores. I was so excited when things sold, but felt really disappointed when I found out that shipping/ebay & paypal fees about wiped out my profit. You have to make quite a bit on a item for it to be worth your while. It's too bad.

Thrifty VA said...

I'm feeling inspired by all of your "flips"! I'm following you and taking notes.