Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Easiest Roast Beef Ever!

Loving my new camera! 

I'll be honest this is my first ever Roast Beef! I have made roasts out the wazoo but never a roast beef. Which is a shame because it is one of my favorite foods! I never knew what cut of meat to buy or how to cook it.
I went to allrecipes.com and came up with this recipe for eye of round roast. I never did find that cut but I did find a tip roast that looked good and was only $15.  So I decided to go for it.

Started with the Steakhouse Grinder and some salt.

Put a nice lil crust of seasonings.

Bake @475 for 7 min per pound, then drop temp to 200 for 3 hours.
Buy this time my house smells so good! I made mac and cheese rolls and green beans to go with this.
You are supposed to let it rest but I always forget!

This is very rare but I really really like rare and so does my family. Well besides my youngest who I did not let see this before I popped a piece in his mouth he said it was good but tasted a little like blood. lol So I microwaved his food a lil to get the pink out and all is well in my house!

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