Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Almost Broke Down And...

Used my dryer! My energy sucking needs to run twice to dry anything dryer. It will not stop raining! My laundry room is tiny as in a 3 foot space between the washer and the dryer is all the room we have for our dirty clothes. So I have about 5 loads I need to do and it is still raining. I broke down and checked the weather and for the next 10 days it will be sunny and around 50 degrees! I am so excited!

I think my dryer cost me about .50c to run and I have to run it twice per load, so 5 loads is like $5 in my pocket. If you want to guess at a whole month Id say at least $20 I save. That is $240 a year. I might be a little off but not by much.

On the other hand I could hang the clothes to dry inside but really they never seem to dry inside and it takes FOREVER and honestly it makes my skin crawl to have clothes all over the house!

Another thing we have been doing is leaving the Christmas tree off a lot. I love it lit but I guess it makes more scents to only use it when everyone can enjoy it. Also I never decorate outside for everyone else just inside for us. That makes a lot more scents to me.

My electric bill for last month for 4 people was $55! I am super excited about that! 

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