Friday, January 6, 2012

How My Half Off Is Going.

Publix went great! I got Tombstone pizzas, Tyson steak and chicken fingers, Aunt J waffles and pancakes, 100 cal snack packs, prego sauce, chunky soup, Log cabin syrup, and deer park water all at half off!

I also hit up my favorite Discount outlet store and bought 12lbs of lunch meat it was $1.79 each for Oscar mayer ham and chicken. Which is way under half off! I bought so much because I am hoping to stick to a sandwich diet this month. I do like repetitive eating thank gosh.

One of my 50% off  problems is the bread for all that sandwich meat! Ok so I live next door to a bread store. You know where you can buy $4 bread for like .89c or little snack cakes 5 for a $1. So getting bread half off is no big deal easy even, BUT I dont like that bread the only bread I like right now is Kroger brand for a $1. But the kroger bread aint half off! Ill pay the extra .11c and break my 50% off rule to help me stick to my sandwich diet.

I went to Aldies for my fruit and veggies. I got a lot for way over half off at normal stores! I hit up Kroger for 75% off  Christmas candy for my husband, it was like showing him a pot of gold! lol I love that man.

I did not think of buying gas when I made my challenge the best I can do their is shop at the cheapest place in town, which I do anyway.

I went to the dollar days at goodwill got a Shower curtain half off for $2.50 using it as a curtain saving lots of money their! Also Got my kid 5 uniform shirts 71% off for school $1 each! I think I saved like $20!

I did get to eat in with Logans to go! I had a buy one get one free coupon! Which made it 50% off!

I paid $13 for two of these and a hug box of yeast rolls! To go so no tip or drinks!

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~Sara said...

Sounds like you did pretty well sticking to your 50% off rule. Great job. Thanks for linking up.