Sunday, March 25, 2012

YAAA BUDDDY! First Yard Sale Weekend Of 2012!

Let see I got this this that this oh and that!
Haha not really!

I really think this lamp looks very cool!

$4 New immersion blinder
I had one never used it threw it away and have wanted one everescents!


I love these stars. I wanna paint it black an white stripes.

Not sure why but I love light houses.
So I stopped at a bunch of yard sales but on bought items at 2 Saturday the only thing I bought was the stick blinder, and to day I stopped at one I drove by and got 4 things for $10! Talk about luck.

Me and my oldest!

I have a new washer and drier and this is what I chose to do!
My new washer is a 2011 and all 2011 and newer models use less water. So I was freaking because the water was not covering the clothes and on rinse the tub did not refill, I was all like its broke! But no I read the manual and it said 20 times 2011 and newer models use less water so dont freak out, ok they did not say that last part but you could tell they wanted to! lol


Melissa said...

As always, great finds!

Yeah the newer washers can self-adjust to only the amount of water needed. I like that because sometimes I have to wash a quick, small load of one of my husband's uniforms or my son's soccer uniform so it's not a whole big waste of water.

They also spin out harder so your clothes are less wet and require less drying if you need to machine dry.

Cheap&Sweet: Life on the scales said...

Thanks Melissa! I have notice how much cleaner our clothes has been.
My water bill which I can never get to go down was $7 to $9 cheaper last month. It may be a couple of other factors but I think a lot of that is the washer! cant wait to see next months bill.