Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yard sale saturday!! 6/13

Tennessee hat (Not orange!) I just had to get it, I am so not into orange and this hat was too cute! My son looks so grown and handsome.

Bottle of Tommy true star, all but full. Got it for a $1

That is one of them purse lamps($1) I think I am going to sell it on eBay to pay for all the stuff I got today They go for between $10 and $30 on eBay. That blue bundle to the right is a whole queen size set of sheets ($2). The pasta jar I think is so cute it was .50¢ Eddy bower diaper bag .50¢ spatula .10¢ cute real purse $1 (husband does not like it) cute clock for the boy's room .50¢ Not pictured is 2 things of sun block .50¢

One pair of shorts & 1 pair of pj's for the youngest $1 He also got a free coloring book!

Yes that is my husband! I lucked out and found a yard sale with his size stuff at great price's I paid $5 for all you see plus one big bottle of Tommy true star for men and 4 books

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megs92 said...

You got some great deals! Just be sure to check out the expiration date on the sunscreen - it starts losing its potency after a year.

I scoured the local neighborhood sales this weekend and came away with one pretty milk glass vase for a quarter and two painted wooden shelves for $1 (to display the glassware, ha!).

Nice job!