Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday finals 7/10, 9 trips, saved 90%

I hardly know where to start with so many great coupons this week, I feel like I lived at the stores. I guess the best place to start would be the begging lol.

Food Lion, Spent $4.01 saved $37.52 you can see that here.

And another one, Spent $2.16 saved $9.00 that's here.

Then more Publix, Spent $4.02 saved $27.73 That's here.

Food lion, spent $1.72 saved $6.32 (plus cute baby pictures here)

More food lion, $2.12 saved $9.92 that's here.

Publix spent $2.30 saved $87.11 that's here.

More Publix spent $3.39 saved $61.72

OK so I might have a shopping problem last publix trip spent $3.40 saved $69.09 that's here

And my last food lion trip spent $12.xx saved $32.xx that's here

Also my 4th of July family post (if interested),oh and you could just hit home & scroll down

Altogether I Spent $35.12 total saved ...$340.41 that's 90%

I love coupons!!!

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