Sunday, February 14, 2010

I got new shelves

I got new shelves! I am so happy to actually have storage!

Yes I have that much laundry detergent Ive even gave some away! I used to get worried if I had less than 3 bottles. lol at that. My heart swells at the sight of this. I actually have room for more stuff!!!!

 Thanks hubby for putting it together I heard some inappropriate language for about 2 hours so I don't thank it was easy for him. ;-)


Anonymous said...

love the stockpile , mine isnt quite that big. I need more storage space!

~Shelley~ said...

Congrats!! I had my hubby buy me more shelving, too!! I have about the same amount of laundry detergent!

Cheap&Sweet said...

I know as soon as I got them their was lots of good sales and I went a lil crazy but its ok because I have everything we need for a while besides bread milk and eggs. I even have a huge stockpile of frozen veggies. I love knowing that if we got snowed in we would be okay for a long time.

~Shelley~ said...

Talk about being snowed it...I'm in MD and we have over 40 inches of snow!!! Ahhhh...been in the house with 3 kids for 8 days!!

Next, I need to talk hubby into getting me an extra freezer :) I always find such good deals on frozen veggies...but my freezer is packed!! For now, I'm happy with my new shelves..LOL!!

Happy V-day to you!!

~Shelley~ said...

I've never been on Craig's list before...I'll have to check it out :)

It's funny, my kids and hubby call my laundry room (where my shelving units are) "Shelley's Grocery Store"!!

Have a good night!

Mom vs. the boys said...

wow, looks like you needed those shelves!

Rita A. said...

Love it. That's the way to stock up. Thanks for participating in Friday Follow. I am catching up to the links. Rita @