Sunday, February 14, 2010

Walgreen's 6 Transactions

For those who doesn't know My husband is the one who takes the time to set up the stuff so I can take a picture only these days he acts like I hurt his feelings if I don't let him take the picture. I have no idea why this sudden interest in photography and I cant really tell him his skills are a little off. lol I can barley take a picture myself so I can not really explain to him about light balance and OVE. But Ill have to keep photo shopping, If taken the pictures is what makes him happy.

His Pic
I was so happy to find the Rembrandt ( don't tell anyone but I did a lil dance when I found them, I love my husband so much for not getting embarrassed that I would do the happy dance over teeth whitener) I love it and it came with a free tube of toothpaste a $7 value. So after after sale coupon and the 15% off coupon I paid $3.50 for a $30 box of whitener and toothpaste! Score! The Foot thing $1 was ($5.77) I actually had to many fillers but those pencils were so cute and we needed a back scratcher BAD!

I thought I had another coupon for the free Olay wyb Venus Razor coupon but it disappeared.
To see how this went down look at my first 4 transactions to get an idea.

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Frugal Friend said...

My hubby set-up his first pic this week. He was so excited. I would let him do it from now on too since it saves me time. I like that it's over by the stairs. Will have to try that out!