Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentines Day must read! Light Bulb Moment!

Just an Idea, But I had a light bulb moment yesterday.
My husband already know what hes getting me for valentines day he knows what
to get me because I told him what I wanted, If I didn't tell I would get a bunch of expensive roses.

So we were in the car going down the road and the thought hit me why not have valentines the day after when everything is on sale half price. So I told my husband to get his reaction on how he felt about it. Needless to say he was all for it.

And we just saved 50% off the stuff we would normally
 buy this holiday without even trying. It's a recession ppl we need to thank before we buy.
How many times would you buy something if you knew it would be on sale the next day?

By the way I'm getting a heart balloon a card and heart Reece's. I love my husband but I about choked when he came home with $25 roses on our anniversary this month I sure did not want a repeat.

Happy v-day!

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