Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday finals 7/17 saved 93%

Publix trip spent .14¢ saved $39.09
local discount store $5.66 saved a lot (cheap fruit)
AMP at Kroger $6.75 (This was just tax) saved $74.50
publix trip spent $2.75(in tax) saved $93.49
another publix trip spent $3.82 saved $65.62

Total spent for the week $19.12
Total saved for the week $272.74 that's 93%


Amy Lynne said...

Holy smokes! You saved so much! That is just wonderful.

Toia said...

That's awesome!! That's what I called saving some money.

Earthy Mama said...

Great job!!! Did you make it to Food Lion? I got MORE cherries today! LOL! I am going to need a jam recipe or something. :D